Surviving a pandemic.

Outbreaks are challenging, more so for people with pre-existing conditions can be all the more challenging for people with existing health issues or dealing with larger than life problems. We explore the human stories of the pandemic, and portray a variety of coping strategies. Rule number one: Use your challenge, mind your actions.

Time Passage

A day in Chile under COVID-19

Children With Autism Are Learning How To Cope Under Lockdown. But, What About Their Parents?

The COVID-19 era has wrought havoc on the daily routines of families with neurodivergent children all over the world. But just how different are the pandemic experiences of families living in the West versus the East?

Your Mental Health Vs. COVID-19: How To Cope in a Pandemic

In light of a looming health crisis created by mass disruptions to our lives, what can be done to stave off pandemic-related stress and trauma?

Forgotten in the time of COVID: How Brazilian Favelas Have Been Left Alone to Fight the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has both highlighted and heightened growing social disparities among Brazil’s urban rich and poor. In the country’s shantytown favelas, communities rely on nothing but their own solidarity.

Evicted, Interrupted, and Alone: How COVID-19 Disrupted the Lives of International Students in the U.S.

Students all over the world are struggling with the disruptions to their education brought about by COVID-19. Among them are scores of international students who travel from far away and pay vast sums to study in foreign countries. Being a journalist and an international student studying in the United States myself, I decided to document a few of those stories.

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