Marcelo Ayala

Social Media

Marcelo graduated from the Pontificia Universidade Católica (PUC), São Paulo, Brazil with a degree in Journalism and Social Communication in 2011. Since August 2015 Marcelo has been working as the editor and co-founder of Paralelo (, a multimedia company and platform specializing in original journalistic production and branded content. Currently he is a graduate student at NYU at the Studio 20 program. He’s previously worked in Brazil as a content producer and planning manager for HBO, a social media manager and content producer for Procter & Gamble (as a brand managed by KETCHUM Agency) and as a journalist responsible for research and content planning at VICE. He is mainly focused on producing high quality original journalistic content oriented at controversial issues in the cultural, political and social arenas. His most recent projects are the Expo Cannabis Ecuador and Super Critical, a platform dedicated to cannabis news content (a new product for Paralelo that is soon to be launched).

Made by NYU's Studio 20 graduate journalism program.